Here are the eponyms in a variety of database formats for Palm or Pocket PC.

Palm OS

Pocket PC

Now available as a stand alone program for the Pocket PC.

Additional database formats

General formats

Note, you need to have either a Doc reader, JFile reader, or alternative database reader installed on your Palm to be able to view the database.
The built-in Palm software will not open the database.

Why I liked JFile better in the past...i.e. before the availability of the stand alone program

JFile lets you filter and search the database.

For example, if you're interested in eponyms for aortic regurgitation, the JFile program lets you filter for "aor" and pull up all the eponyms that relate to the aorta for example.  Additionally, each eponym is assigned a category, for example "CV" or "ID."  

Don't have JFile or a Doc reader?

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